SPEECH FOR SUCCESS is proud to share the valuable program feedback received from our clients.

About the Programs:

  1. “This program helped me identify the problems in my speech and recognize how much I can improve in a very short time.” (H.Z., Statistical Analysis Manager)

  2. “This program is very effective; I speak English clearly and confidently now.” (Q.U., Statistical Analysis Manager)

  3. “I would strongly recommend this program to a colleague; it’s a valuable use of training dollars.” (N.C., Senior Business Analyst)

  4. Input from the Program Participant’s Exit Questionnaires: 100% of clients and managers reported that they would recommend this program to a colleague who needed to improve their American English Skills.

About Speech For Success:

  1. “Jill was the best speaker we had in the training program. Not only was she great to listen to but she frequently demonstrated the skills she was teaching us in her own speech.” (R.H., Senior Statistician)

  2. “Jill is an excellent speech pathologist/trainer. I appreciate her dedication to help each of us succeed. She keeps motivating me to approach a new level of confidence. She makes sure that the exercises are just challenging enough and still fun.” (L.C., Senior Statistician)

  3. “Ms. Kaufman was very sharp in understanding and articulating the areas for improvement in my communication, in a way I could easily comprehend and act upon.” (R.R., Business Manager)

Program Participants Reported Positive Changes in the Workplace:

  1. “When I made phone calls in the past I was often requested to speak louder or repeat myself but I seldom have to do that now.” (Q.Y., Statistical Analysis Manager)

  2. “In conferences, because I can understand others better (especially intonation changes) and articulate my ideas better, I can contribute to the discussion without being asked to repeat myself.” (L.C., Senior Statistician)

  3. “In meetings I can see myself consciously regulate my speech rate.” (R.R., Business Manager)

  4. “I want to use this employee as an example of how it’s possible to be an effective public speaker even with English as a second language.” (D.E., Vice President of Statistical Analysis)

  5. Manager input from the Program Exit Questionnaires: 100% of managers reported, “when I speak now with this employee, his/her communication skills do not interfere with the accurate exchange of information.”