Jill is an excellent speech pathologist/trainer. I appreciate her dedication to help each of us succeed. She keeps motivating me to approach a new level of confidence. She makes sure that the exercises are just challenging enough and still fun.

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Training Program Delivery

At SPEECH FOR SUCCESS, we take pride in understanding the importance of our clients’ needs. Delivered as individual coaching or small and large group seminars, training will be conveniently conducted on-site at your office or via teleconference sessions.  With all of our program offerings, every client receives the following quality services:

1. A Complimentary Communication Needs Assessment for the company and their employees or individual clients prior to contractual engagement, ensuring our training solutions best meet your training needs.

2. A Comprehensive Individual Baseline Evaluation for each client participating in our programs, used to precisely assess his or her spoken American English skill level and determine the impact of their communication style in the workplace.

3. A Communication Training Plan developed with meaningful, measurable program goals and clearly defined performance expectations.

4. Take-Home Training Materials used to support classroom training, foster independent learning, and  ensure that newly learned communication skills can be readily integrated into the workplace.

5. Complete Confidentiality throughout the program, which facilitates trust between your organization and our team – enabling our clients to readily accept learning challenges.

6. Audio/Video Recordings of the Training Sessions to enhance the accuracy of client self-evaluation, facilitate self-correction skills and allow for focused and valuable trainer feedback.

7. An Exit Evaluation at the conclusion of the training to reliably measure and illustrate improved communication skills from the initial baseline.

8. A Continued Learning Plan at the conclusion of the training with focused recommendations, enabling our clients to maintain and enhance communication skills developed during the program.